Some Urban-Friendly Gear from Topo Designs

Some Urban-Friendly Gear from Topo Designs

By Jonathan Simcoe / Published by Jonathan Simcoe
Topo Designs knows how to create gear for the design-conscious outdoor crowd...

...but many of their pieces hold up just as well in an urban context, where folks carrying their gear to and from work want to hold on to something crafted and durable. Today I'm going to highlight 3 different products from Topo that showcase their diversity and readiness to handle the needs of urban commuters and dwellers.

* * *


The Topo Designs x Miir water bottle is an essential to stay hydrated at your desk, on a walk or while traveling to and fro.

The Rover Pack is an essential and iconic member of Topo's product line. Durable, padded straps, not too big, not too small. The Rover excels at just about any urban expedition.

A Dopp kit may seem like a strange item for a daily carry lineup but it is well suited as a makeshift camera bag with plenty of space for notebooks, pens, and whatever else you need to be able to grab quickly on the go.


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