Soak Up the Magic of Patagonia at This Eco-Friendly Geodesic Dome Retreat

Soak Up the Magic of Patagonia at This Eco-Friendly Geodesic Dome Retreat

Nature lovers looking for an unforgettable experience would do well to stay at EcoCamp Patagonia—an award-winning, sustainable oasis lauded as the world’s first geodesic dome hotel.
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Nestled in the heart of Chile’s Torres del Paine National Park is Cascada Expediciones’ EcoCamp Patagonia, a luxury resort that goes green with glamping. Opened in 2001, EcoCamp comprises a collection of geodesic domes that run on renewable energy and are designed for minimal landscape impact. The domes offer an immersive experience in a stunning Andes landscape sculpted by glacial forces.

Considered an industry leader in sustainable lodging, EcoCamp provides a comfortable haven for those seeking modern amenities within a wild environment. 

Solar and hydraulic energy power the site, while waste is handled by composting and recycling. EcoCamp also prides itself on working closely with the local community by generating jobs, raising environmental awareness, and purchasing locally grown and harvested foods.

The hotel also offsets all its emissions to reach carbon neutral status. Sustainable practices have earned EcoCamp ISO14001 certification since 2007 and ISO 9001 certification since 2012.

Four dome types are available: Standard Domes, Superior Domes, Suite Domes, and Suite Dome Lofts. All rooms, aside from the Standard Domes, come with their own private bathrooms.

The geodesic domes are raised off the ground on elevated platforms to minimize landscape disturbance, a design decision inspired by the indigenous Alacalufe nomads who leave no trace as they travel. The green color of the domes also helps blend them into the environment.

Thick insulated walls and propane heaters help keep the domes toasty. Curved glazing lets in ample amounts of natural light.

Guests can meet other travelers in the Community Domes, where communal meals are served. Guests can wake up for a yoga session at the Yoga Dome and comfortably stargaze through their dome’s ceiling windows at night. 

Guided excursions are also available including multi-day treks on Torres del Paine’s most famous hikes.

Last year, EcoCamp was awarded the second-best hotel in South America in the Travel + Leisure World’s Best Awards. You can head over to EcoCamp Patagonia’s page to read reviews and make a booking.

To reserve a stay at EcoCamp Patagonia, click here.

Project Credits:

Builder/General Contractor: Javier Lopez, Yerko Ivelic

Structural Engineer: Javier Lopez

Civil Engineer: Javier Lopez, Yerko Ivelic, Nani Astorga

Landscape Design: Yerko Ivelic


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