Smart StudioDesk

Chief among these are the sleek and stylish—and smartly designed—StudioDesk, a streamlined work space that promises to banish tech-related clutter. It's got a built-in storage compartment under the sliding desktop surface, where you can stash any power strips, AC adapters, USB hubs, and external hard drives. Cables tuck neatly into an elongated slot across the top. There's a removable faux leather mat covering the sliding top; the rest of the surface is white laminate, with mahogany legs. At $599.95 it's not entirely out of range, either…This would be a vast improvement to my current desk: an Army-issued metal desk that looks great but is unbelievably heavy and covered in an ugly spiderwebbing mass of cables and cords.

Later this week—by popular demand—the manufacturer, Bluelounge, is unveiling the StudioDeskXL at the Consumer Electronic Show. It's a slightly wider and longer take on the standard StudioDesk. It'll soon be available online here.

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