An Edgy Slatted Facade Conceals a Striking Indoor/Outdoor Home in Brisbane

An Edgy Slatted Facade Conceals a Striking Indoor/Outdoor Home in Brisbane

From the street view, an angular slatted facade conceals a home from the outside world while also carefully hinting at what's inside.

Behind those entry screens in Brisbane, Queensland, the three-level Australian home created by Bureau Proberts is finely attuned to its sloping site. A generous skylight over the front door opens the entryway to the sky, while substantial glazing in the master bedroom conveys the feeling of being perched high in the treetops. 

While the top level contains an entry hall and the bedrooms, the main living level wraps in a C-shape around an internal courtyard. Sliding glass doors on both sides let the open living/kitchen/dining space become "a veranda-like thoroughfare, melding the courtyard with the landscape beyond," writes the architects. A screen layered with plants runs along the border of the floor's edge to provide a safety barrier.  

The lower level hosts a laid-back family space that opens up to the terrace and pool. There, raw-concrete ceilings extend outside and further blur the boundary between indoors and outdoors. Throughout the interior, the lightly lime-washed hoop pine woodwork—used on the panels, screens, joinery, and ceilings—joins with dark-stained timber accents to provide a satisfying contrast with the greenery outside. 


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