These Off-the-Grid Cabins in Belgium Keep Their Locations Secret Until You Book

These Off-the-Grid Cabins in Belgium Keep Their Locations Secret Until You Book

By Jennifer Baum Lagdameo
Nestled in secluded, rural settings, these minimalist cabins keep their whereabouts under wraps to help you disconnect.

Founded by Xavier Leclair, Slow Cabins is a Belgian company that allows guests to rent one of three tiny cabins ensconced in secret locations across the countryside, and has plans to soon expand the concept to additional spots throughout Belgium and Europe. 

A collection of tiny houses, the company works with their own team of experts to redesign and customize these basic small structures to fit their own eco-friendly specifications.

The fully self-sufficient cabins boast solar panels for electricity, and collected rainwater is filtered to become drinkable. Eco-friendly dry toilets do not require sewerage—all adding up to Slow Cabin's mission to reduce their environmental impact to zero. 

The cabins are well-insulated, and heating is provided by a high-efficiency wood stove. Infrared heating panels an be used as an back-up if required. 

The cabins are mobile and can be relocated to new spots across the country. To make the experience extra exciting, Slow Cabins does not divulge the exact destination until after booking. Two weeks prior to a reservation, guests learn the exact location and are equipped with insider tips about the area.

Complete with a bathroom, kitchenette, and living room, the cabins offer seclusion and comfort—but most importantly, their nature-immersed locales allow guests to fully disconnect. 

Maybe our society needs "Slowify" more than Spotify. Nature, time, and attention to each other have become the most precious thing in our fast society. —Xavier Leclair

Guests can choose from two options. Slow Cabin's first model, Time for Two, is a 366-square-foot wooden cabin that comfortably sleeps two and can be booked for approximately $238 per night.

Time for Family is a more spacious style that's perfect for a family of five, or two couples, and can be booked for approximately $263 per night.


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