Sixagon by Misewell

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By Diana Budds
We first featured Wisconsin designers and brothers Paul and Vincent Georgeson in our December/January 2011 Young Guns round up. They've launched a handful of new products since then, but one of their oldies but goodies, the Sixagon, caught our eye when we saw their booth at ICFF this year. The powder coated piece comes in three colors—red, black, and white—and retails for $350. Here's what Paul has to say about it.
How did the idea for the Sixagon come about?
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We set out to design a versatile end table that could also be strong enough to be used as a stool. Our goal, from an aesthetic standpoint, was to create a furniture piece that is timeless and fits well in most environments. We manufacture everything in the USA, which has many environmental and social benefits, but can also come with a higher price tag. To keep the price down, we created a leg system that consists of six identical steel parts that are laser cut and formed. We find that the beauty of the Sixagon lies in the overlapping connections between each of the six legs and between the legs, and the tabletop. We use a welding technology that is extremely robust, yet nearly invisible. This keeps the crisp lines of the table clean and uninterrupted.

The Sixagon design was conceived in the same fashion as all of our products. Vincent and I have a very organic and collaborative design process. We typically decide on products to add to our collection that we have a significant need for in our own homes. From there we begin our ever-changing and evolving design process. When did you first release the piece?The Sixagon was one of our first designs. We launched it with our first collection in 2009.Has your design philosophy changed much over the years?Our perspective hasn't changed much since we began; however, we first started Misewell out of love for designing and creating products that will last for ages. What we didn't realize was how much we'd enjoy the interaction between us and the people that own our furniture. We love seeing how and where people are using our furniture. We have so much to learn from them. We also never anticipated the amount of joy we find in working alongside the talented craftspeople that manufacture our furniture.