Six Smart Ways to Prepare for the Winter Season

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Winter is just around the corner and you don’t want to be caught off-guard, that’s cool. The cold of the winter and the freezing temps can be a great turn off especially if you didn’t prepare so well for it. So what should you actually do? Here are some awesome tips that we have prepared to help you counter the cold of the winter.

Clear Air Leaks

During winter, you want to keep as warm as you can. You want your home temperature to me maintained so well, and your rooms to remain warm. Air leaks can lower the temps and possibly force you to use more energy. Look across the window and door frames and fill up all spaces with caulk. Doing this prevents cold air from seeping inside and warm air rushing out. Eventually warm air is retained and energy preserved.

Check the ACs

Many people depend on air conditioners to keep their homes warm during the winter. However, a broken air conditioner cannot be of any help. You should therefore service your AC and ensure it’s in proper working condition. Wipe down the AC’s circuit, clear debris, and hose off the unit. You can also close the vents or remove the window units to provide AC with max protection.

Insulate Pipes

The cold temperatures of the winter can easily lead to frozen water along the water pipes. When water freezes its volume increases. This will make the pipes so vulnerable to bursts and leakages. You don’t want this happening. Therefore, insulate the pipes. You can use duct-taping, and pipe foams around any exposed sections of your water pipes including along the attics and crawl spaces.

Furnace Check

Another area that you should check is the furnace in case your home has one. Ask a professional to check it out and service it to last through the winter. In case the filters are worn out, buy one and replace the old one. There are many online shops that sell very suitable filters. FilterBuy is one of them. You can always check out such sites to find the most compatible filters out of the variety options.

Turn off Water

All outdoor water supplies should be turned off. All attached devices including hoses and sprinklers should also be detached. They should be drained and stored properly. Removing exterior water spigots prevents the cold from freezing the water towards the inside of your home. You can also check out the thermostat of your furnace to make sure it works properly too.

Drain Sprinklers

In case you want to drain your water sprinklers, you can use the sprinkler system drain valves or you can ask an expert to come around and blow the water out of the system for you. This will often require a large air compressor. Experts from FilterBuy suggest assessing your professional first before giving them the job.


Working with an expert is usually highly advisable. In order to find the best guy for the job, you can always ask for credentials, experience, and recommendations from loved ones and preferably their previous customers.

A great way to work during the winter is to have all your temperature devices in proper working conditions. We always suggest looking at the furnace and inspecting the AC systems among other simple stuffs. 

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