Signature Kitchen Suite’s Modern Pavilion Shines at KBIS

Signature Kitchen Suite’s Modern Pavilion Shines at KBIS

A challenger in the category of high-end kitchens, Signature Kitchen Suite makes a strong entrance at the 2017 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show with two model kitchen concepts.

In a program highlight for the annual Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) held in Orlando, Florida, Signature Kitchen Suite displayed its suite of powerful and innovative kitchen appliances in an impressive 4,000-square-foot exhibition space. The annual trade show is the premier destination for those in the industry—a veritable who’s who of designers, retailers, builders, and other professionals—so it was a fitting platform for a brand that, despite being new on the scene, brings a combined 450 years of experience through its varsity leadership team. A division of LG Electronics, Signature Kitchen Suite also benefits from a deep well of resources for research and development, engineering, state-of-the-art technology, and supply chain management. It’s a heritage that has drawn so many committed industry veterans to the brand.

Signature Kitchen Suite featured its collection of premium ranges, cooktops, ovens, refrigerators, and dishwashers at KBIS 2017. Focusing on brand presentation and the guest experience, the team created two thoughtful environments that showcased how the sleek, modern appliances fit into differing lifestyles.

"It was really our moment to descend upon the industry," says Barbara Fuller, director of marketing. "We’re a seasoned group of people that have chosen to work here. The result is a powerful industry team obsessed with the opportunity to build the best brand committed to setting entirely new standards in product innovation, design, performance, and service." In addition to the exhibition booth, Signature Kitchen Suite sponsored the "Magic of Design" opening party held at Epcot’s World Showcase and co-hosted a "Champagne & Cupcakes" launch party that brought hundreds of influencers to the booth in the first hour of the show. The celebrations were an opportunity for the team to reconnect with old collaborators, forge new friendships, and engage the larger design and builder community.

The Signature Kitchen Suite Cooking Demonstration Kitchen features maple wood cabinetry by Green Forest Cabinetry, Porcelain White countertops by LG Hausys, and a Virginia Tile backsplash by Lunada Bay. A West Elm chandelier hangs over the island, adding a touch of drama.

"The result is a powerful industry team obsessed with the opportunity to build the best brand committed to setting entirely new standards in product innovation, design, performance, and service." 

-Barbara Fuller

The Signature Kitchen Suite Dishwasher combines strength and delicacy through PowerSteam technology and a QuadWash Spray Arm, making it suitable for glassware and baking pans alike. Because it doesn't require a pre-rinsing cycle, it also cuts down on energy and water usage.

The deep industry background of the team behind Signature Kitchen Suite allowed them to partner with forward-thinking designers and craftspeople for the grand exhibition space. Even before visitors walked in, the glass pavilion made an impression: illuminated by LED lights, the walls encased a mural made up of photographs of artfully plated cuisine. The bright, modern design even drew comparisons to a Louis Vuitton storefront from admiring guests. Inside, the booth featured two design-forward kitchens, one highlighting smart technology and the other emphasizing performance and usability. For the interior, Signature Kitchen Suite enlisted the help of David Alderman of Dave’s Cabinet Inc. and Green Forest Cabinetry, Alan Zielinski of Better Kitchens, Inc., and John Morgan of Green Forest Cabinetry—all former presidents of The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA), which hosts KBIS every year.

The Signature Hub helps you take control of your kitchen by allowing you to preheat the oven or alerting you when the timer is done, or if a door is left open. More features are on their way—as well as a newer generation of Signature Kitchen Suite products, hints Fuller. 

Given carte blanche, Fuller worked with the Better Kitchens team to come up with two concept kitchens. The Signature Kitchen Suite Cooking Demonstration Kitchen featured a refined material palette in warm, earthy tones, and represented a modern household that revolves around entertaining, where the kitchen is the hub of the home. "It was very tonal between the wood finish, countertops, and metallic backsplash," says Fuller. "It was sophisticated with a little added drama with the chandelier." Here, chefs whipped up dishes and small bites, demonstrating the capabilities of the brand’s selection of ranges, cooktops, and ovens. The Slide-In Oven Range, for example, boasts ProHeat Convection technology, distributing heat for flawlessly cooked, professional-grade dishes—while RapidHeat Burners can reach scorching temperatures more quickly for 20-percent shorter cook times.

The Signature Kitchen Suite Smart Kitchen is outfitted with navy and ivory cabinets by Green Forest Cabinetry and a glass tile mosaic backsplash. For Fuller, who comes from a product design background, the "smart thinking" of the brand's designs put them ahead of the curve. For example, the Gas Slide-In Oven Range above has an Easy Swivel Handle that is easier and safer to operate, and the capacious refrigerator benefits from a SmartSpace System ice dispenser that maximizes storage space.

Directly adjacent, the Signature Kitchen Suite Smart Kitchen used metallics and deep blue hues for a more traditional-meets-industrial vibe. Fuller describes this concept as family-oriented with children and guests rotating in and out, making the space both functional and hyper-social. "We weren’t afraid to play with the juxtaposition of mixed metals, color palettes, and aesthetics," says Fuller. Visitors experienced how Wi-Fi-connected appliances and the SmartThinQ app enable unprecedented control for homeowners: busy professionals can preheat the oven during their commute home through the mobile interface, or monitor a dishwashing cycle while they’re running errands. Signature Kitchen Suite also focused on its Kitchen Concierge service, which offers customers white glove, 24/7 support. "Once you register your product and are connected, our customer service team will know what needs to be serviced before you do," explains Fuller. "The part is repaired or replaced within five days, and we guarantee a two-hour window for someone to come do the repair."

Artist Jessie Bearden's creations transformed this countertop into an evolving edible art display. 

On opening day, the booth showcased the incredible food stylings of Jessie Bearden, a New York-based artist whose medium includes condiments, baking supplies, and fresh produce. To give her ample workspace, the brand imported a table with the correct height requirements to serve as Bearden’s canvas. Her live food-art demonstration played with perspective ("You can’t see the beauty of the product she’s working on until you get to an aerial view," shares Fuller) and embodied Signature Kitchen Suite’s belief that the kitchen is not just a workspace, but a stage for culinary performances and creative expression.

Flatbread topped with prosciutto, stilton cheese, figs, and arugula was part of the menu at Signature Kitchen Suite's impressive 4,000-square-foot exhibition booth.

"We were proud to be able to make such an impact," says Fuller of the brand’s KBIS experience. She attributes their performance to the authentic passion and deep industry commitment embodied by the Signature Kitchen Suite team. "The people behind the scenes consider how you’re engaging with the product from an extremely knowledgeable standpoint. We’re a thoughtful, innovative, product-driven company, and we have the advantage of a team with long tenure in the category."


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