Shine and Rise

Artist Rachel Wingfield of Loop.pH is well on the way to this idea with her Light Sleeper, an illuminated duvet and pillow that simulate sunrise. Electroluminescent wires are woven into the fabric to cast a radiant sheen, and the bedding can be programmed to gradually begin to glow at the desired time. Its gentle wake-up call is meant to help reset the circadian rhythms of those who suffer from seasonal affective disorder. Surely, though, such incandescent bedding is only the beginning.

As the convergence of lighting and textiles becomes more sophisticated, perhaps the products themselves could distinguish between different qualities of daylight and even recognize the complex and subtle association of light, time, and place. They could also offer a more expansive menu of lightscapes. If one can, in fact, program daybreak, why not also be able to choose between the rose-colored dawn over the Aegean in spring, the vibrant splash of northern lights as seen over Finland in January, or the cool blue morning light of northern Scotland in July, when the sky hardly darkens at all?

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