Sheraton International Hotel

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By Nardi Associates LLP / Published by Nardi Associates LLP
Parque Nacional Iguazú, Iguazu National Park 3370, Iguazu, Misiones Province, ARGENTINA

The magnificent and powerful Iguazú Falls are celebrated through this simple and subtle architectural statement. The hotel is the only man-made structure in the heart of the National Park with full view to the falls. The 150,000 sq.ft. hotel and resort boasts 180 rooms with private terraces, a retail center on a different level, and a variety of dining and recreational facilities. The hotel also has a subterranean nightclub with a skylight subtly bubbling from the lawn and drawing natural light into the space for daytime uses. 

Built from poured-in-place concrete, the exterior has proved durable and preserved the original design intent even in the hot, humid tropical environment. A large tourist facility, the hotel's design is environmentally sensitive. The landscaping takes its cues from the park's protected flora and transitions seamlessly to footpaths and catwalks over the 2.5 mile long falls.

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