Dining Room, Pendant Lighting, and Bar True to Freehand’s social spirit, I met Café Integral Founder César Vega by happenstance during my visit, just after ordering a cortadito from his coffee bar. The young entrepreneur is approachable and unassuming, intelligent and insightful, all while pointing me in the direction of his favorite ramen restaurant in the area. Vega first learned of Freehand through the group’s initial location, Freehand Miami. The hotel changed his perception of his hometown, offering a unique and atypical alternative to the popular club scene. When the idea of collaborating on the Freehand Chicago location came to fruition, Vega saw it as a natural fit given the synergies of his company and Freehand. And in his own right, Vega is a reflection of the people you meet while staying at Freehand Chicago – all are open to conversation, friendly, and looking for more depth out of a hotel stay. 

Freehand Chicago capitalizes on this concept by facilitating connection and community, offering the ideal space for exchange between travelers and creating those lasting moments we all relish. Chicago is synonymous with great food and Lake Michigan, with tourists flocking to Millennium Park to take pictures under the city’s iconic Cloud Gate sculpture. But Freehand Chicago provides a more authentic value, pointing guests towards local concerts and offering on-property dreamcatcher workshops, den music sessions with local artists, and watercolor painting classes. Freehand Chicago is refined yet accessible, both modern and authentic, and brings a new sense of place and community to the Chicago hotel experience.   Photo 6 of 6 in A Former Chicago Mafia Haunt Reborn as a Hotel