Bedroom, Rug Floor, Wall Lighting, and Bunks This hotel and hostel hybrid is the second installment of Sydell Group’s Freehand Hotel collection, and is equipped with both private and shared rooms for a total of 336 beds on the property. Eighty rooms are shared format, offering four bunk beds and lockers per room; each bed has a private charging station, lamp, and reading shelf. 

Design firm Roman and Williams led creative direction of the interiors, manifesting an immediate sense of Chicago in the rooms and communal living spaces. Woven fabric instillations commissioned by local artisans adorn each private room, squarely centered above the beds to create a striking sense of place, capturing Midwestern pastimes like quilting circles and sewing bees in a fresh, modern, design-forward way.  Photo 4 of 6 in A Former Chicago Mafia Haunt Reborn as a Hotel