Shabby Chic for the Newly Moved

Shabby Chic for the Newly Moved

By Lucas Spears
Choosing a style to decorate your home can be stressful. But with shabby chic it doesn’t have to be. Charming, creative and trendy – what’s not to love?

Your new home is barren. Hardwood floors span throughout the house, the walls are coated in a seashell white reminiscent of coastal dunes, and the amount of open space feels like you’re walking into an abyss. Those first few days of acquainting yourself with your home carries with it a certain strangeness brought on by the current sense of emptiness versus that knowledge of possibility. There is a serene sanctuary out there just waiting to be crafted. 

 Combing the web for ways to personalise your home invites an excess of ideas and fantasies that may seem far-fetched and overwhelming for the recently moved. In order to keep your sanity, it’s best to stick to a realistic style that provides the tranquillity and ease that the newly transplanted need. 

 Shabby chic is a popular style characterised by the conflating of old and modern elements (see examples at HomesDirect365) as well as a colour palette consisting of pastels such as muted pinks, greens, and whites. Wild flowers and playful designs are known to frequent the shabby chic scene. The look can typically be found in large gardens furnished with weathered furniture and light tones that complement the natural setting that they inhabit. 

 Although shabby chic has its roots in the garden, young people with a love of design have recently brought this calming style indoors. Vintage or second-hand furniture with a Victorian feel can be inexpensive, ethereal pieces that give off a regal air while still offering a humble and receptive allure. 

 It’s not hard to envision a baroque armoire to house your valuables or a cheval mirror to greet you in the morning. After readying yourself for the day with the help of your antique white and ivory dressing table you might find yourself strolling into the dining room, past the hand-carved French-style sideboard, and Loire display cabinet to enjoy breakfast at your oval walnut dining table. Perhaps happiness can’t be bought, but a sumptuous anachronistic decorative style with a stately flair is close enough. 

 Barring a wretched fashion sense, it’s likely that the previous inhabitants of your house painted the walls in a soft pastel tones. Considering the laborious task of painting the walls has already been accomplished, it’s in your best interests to continue the theme with furniture that can be purchased at low cost online, or second-hand and then repurposed. 

 Whether you’re a tribe of hipsters or a nuclear family looking for a comforting home space, shabby chic is a charming style that will have you settled in your new home before you know it.  


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