The City That Motivates Me

The City That Motivates Me

By Nikki Janda / Published by Nikki Janda
As 2017 approaches, I think about this (last) year. I think about accomplishments, beautiful failures, and this city that motivates me to hustle and stay excited. You San Francisco, you.

When I moved from the Midwest to San Francisco 3 years ago, I felt a rush of excitement, nervousness and renewed energy. When I look around this city, at the beautiful architecture, historical neighborhoods, advanced tech-culture and the free movement of design, I feel a part of something much bigger than myself.  That, as we continue making our individual creative contributions, we all connect at some point, somehow.

This city gives me the opportunity everyday to see design and architecture in all things.  Passion comes with no excuses.  We know passion comes with risk, mistakes, and looking foolish sometimes.  But in-between we capture extremely beautiful moments and share new ideas. 

My passion is to communicate and share visual stories with my lens through architecture, design and people.  San Francisco is indeed the city that keeps me motivated.  

So cheers to the creatives, artists, architects, designers, and all who are passionate about, and motivated by something.  Hold on tight and enjoy the ride.  Happy New Year!



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