San Francisco International Technology Center

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By Nardi Associates LLP / Published by Nardi Associates LLP
Burlingame, CA

The modern city has become a vessel that carries a variety of societal functions that generate engagement with the city’s fabric in various levels. The SFO technology center in Burlingame stands as a manifestation of urban design strategy that enhances social activity, while maintaining a sustainable and user friendly agenda. 

The location of the project provides a significant node relationship between the cityscape and the aquatic environment of the San Francisco Bay. The harmonious articulation between open public spaces and open private spaces creates a seamless integration of the bay front and reinforces its visual connection with the city’s urban fabric, by maximizing the outdoor spaces in direct connection with the San Francisco Bay and by creating an opening that is exceeding 50% of the linear frontage along Bayshore Hwy. 

The uses located at the Ground Floor (retail, restaurant and an office/commercial space such as a bank or health facility) will encourage pedestrian traffic while favoring exposure to the Bayshore Hwy frontage.

The articulation of the project creates a visual relationship between the local site conditions and the more global context, by invoking the existing bridges that are representative of the Bay area. 

Finally, the buildings architectural expressions (environmental screens, roof solar panels, cross ventilation, green walls, gray water recycling, etc.) are supporting to create a substantial, sustainable complex. 

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