Warm Front

Auckland’s climate is relatively mild, but Davor and Abbe decided not to scrimp on insulation, installing fiberglass batts with R-values above building code requirements in the ceiling and the walls. This, combined with the home’s concrete floor (with standard polystyrene insulation) that retains solar heat, means Davor and Abbe only use their New Zealand–made wood-burning Warmington Studio fireplace in the coldest months.


All of the Lights

Davor and Abbe created their striking living-room lights—colored cords 

with exposed bulbs—by calling on a number of different suppliers to put together a look that suits their home’s pared-down aesthetic. The cord for their electrical cables is from Frinab in Sweden, and they teamed the lights with stainless-steel switch plates 

by Forbes & Lomax sourced through Abbe’s site, Piper Traders. 



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