Rock Copper Glass

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By Simon Storm
Even before we began digging...

The work began with the search and selection of a suitable building lot to build our one-off custom domicile. Once selected we were able to envision the "RockCopperClass" concept for the project. 

A measured response emerges after several months of careful consideration and observation.

I was very fortunate to have my entire design build team drawn by the’ concept and design from the onset. Upon completion of the building plans we decided to invest and formulate a 3D design for material selection[s], formal massing and most importantly, provide an overriding common sense view of building in an appropriate way. This decision posed to be a very good one given the fact that we had to return to the actual plans and tweak the truss layout when we noticed that certain roof details looked good on paper but simply didn’t visually line up in 3D. This relatively low cost solution ended up saving us time, money and not to mention headaches at the building stage. With the full 3D visual in check, the form was then crafted (built) with a contemporary but rustic sense of detail. 

 Our interventions endeavor was to build a space with the same attributes as form. Natural light, openness and continuity with the landscape allow the built place to connect with its occupants.(us)

The Build. Inspired by the Elements

In the "RockCopperGlass" project we feature, the juxtaposition of elements such as timber lumber, steel, glass, natural stone and lead copper. All materials which evokes a depth and character that is well suited for rustic contemporary’ design.

The manipulation of space and natural elements brought to life with the spark of ingenuity

"Rebuilding environments by design, to me, is all about evoking emotions." This asserts that our aspiration to create expressive, dynamic spaces is absolutely the key to my work. 

Personally I can forgive both a little dysfunction and discomfort in exchange for a bit of uniqueness – visually, spatially, and ultimately, emotionally.

Building on these type of one-offs custom domiciles is a very long process. Even for many of our projects, it takes two to three years from start to finish. I always look at three aspects – the practical, the environment, and the design. The concept is never to overemphasize one over the other but to keep them in balance. And you can only come up with something "One Off" when you push the limits for each of the aspects.

It is the details in the craftsmanship that really express one’s ideas and commitments. 

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