Revolving Hotel Room

By Sarah Rich / Published by Dwell
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Some hotel designers have an exhibitionist streak that leads them to embed opportunities for surreptitious glances into ordinarily anonymous guest rooms and hallways.

Perhaps the most public display of private hospitality space can be found at the Guggenheim Museum in their theanyspacewhatever exhibition, which runs from October 25 through January 6.

Belgian-born artist Carsten Höller's installation, Revolving Hotel Room, features four stacked glass discs supporting a bed, table and chairs, and shelving unit, which slowly rotate in concert. During the day the spinning room will be for spectators only, but after normal museum hours, the accommodations will be available for a single- or double-occupancy sleepover. The Waldorf=Astoria is working with the Guggenheim to provide luxury amenities.

Though the price is steep, it's not every day you get to sleep by yourself in the Guggenheim. If Ben Stiller had been provided such posh quarters for his night shift at the Museum of Natural History he probably would have slept right through the revival of the dioramas.


Sarah Rich


When not working in design, Sarah Rich writes, talks and forecasts about food and consumer culture.

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