Restoration of Hope
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Earlier this year, Escalante Architects, a Palms Springs, California, modern architecture firm lead by Ana Escalante, completed the design and construction of the first medical clinic at the AROH (Aim for the Restoration of Hope) Orphanage in Iganga, Uganda. The 5,000-square-foot clinic comprises five medical treatment rooms, an office, restrooms, storage facilities, and a reception and waiting area.

The clinic is connected to an early childhood and elementary school, also designed by Escalante Architects, which was completed in May 2008. The facilities serve over 250 children orphaned by the AIDS epidemic, many of whom also have HIV. The school plan was centered on the educational needs of the children and the strategies necessary to achieve passive cooling and daylighting in the building. The addition of the clinic brings much-needed medical services to villagers within a 100-square-mile radius, attending to the many health problems commonly afflicting Ugandan villagers, including water-borne illness, HIV-related symptoms, and problems associated with polio.

AROH provides housing, food, medical, and educational services to 300 orphans and widows in Uganda, and Ana Escalante has been a member of its board since 2006. As part of her work with AROH, she has also designed a clean water well and housing for the organization. To learn more, visit or

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