Redesign Your Farmers' Market

The contest calls on "designers, architects, farmers, chefs, vendors, and farmers' market shoppers to think about how good design can improve upon the modern farmers' market experience." Approaches can vary, but they are asking for practical solutions that facilitate better interchange between small family farmers and their local customers. From product and place to marketing and distribution, the design proposal is meant to put money in farmers' pockets and healthy food in citizens' mouths.

The deadline for the contest is September 1, 2009. To enter, write to projects [at] goodinc [dot] com with your idea in writing and images. A jury of experts will select the winners, who will be announced and exhibited on September 3 at the celebration of Los Angeles farmers' markets, Farmers' Markets: 30 Years & Growing. For details and suggested ideas, check out the project page at GOOD's site. If you're looking for a place to find some inspiration, it's high season at the market. Go buy a basket of figs and think it over in the sun! 

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