This Brooklyn Loft Keeps 2,500 Books Tidy With Angled Shelves

Set at a 45-degree angle, the staggered shelves in Publisher’s Loft create a colorful, three-dimensional motif while maximizing storage.
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Can a 1,100-square-foot apartment hold thousands of books? If you ask New York–based firm Büro Koray Duman, the answer is yes. When a Brooklyn couple approached the award-winning studio to renovate their small Williamsburg loft into a space that would elegantly showcase their extensive book collection, the architects embraced the challenge.

Sited in Brooklyn's Williamsburg neighborhood, Publisher's Loft has been remodeled by Büro Koray Duman for a book publisher and furniture dealer couple, who share 2,500 books.

In order to showcase the 2,500 books without cluttering the residence, the team has designed a custom library which wraps the perimeter of the open-plan apartment via staggered shelves.

To elegantly showcase the couple's extensive book collection without cluttering the 1,100-square-foot home, the New York–based firm has created a custom library via angled shelving.

Set at a 45-degree angle, the shelves allow the collection to be viewed from one direction, while hiding it via a three-dimensional wall in the other. 

Rectangular blue and white tiles are positioned at an angle in the loft's bathroom, and continue onto the floor and into the hallway, adding a vibrant, playful touch. 

"The diagonal created by the shelves provides a motif, which is extended throughout the space with custom tile work and wood flooring," explains the firm. As a result, the collection is cleverly incorporated into the home—now known as Publisher's Loft—without being an overwhelming omnipresent element in the space.

White built-in cabinetry delightfully contrasts with the home's original wood beams and pillars, which the architects have left exposed (along with the aluminum ductwork and perforated metal) to pay homage to the building's industrial past.

In addition to remodeling the space, the studio has also created a table for the dining room.

The staggered shelves define the space, wrapping around the perimeter of the home while appearing as a series of columns that project outwards at an angle. 

A model of Publisher's Loft.

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Project Credits:

Architect: Büro Koray Duman / @burokorayduman

Builder: Glucaj Home Improvement

MEP Engineer: E4P Consulting

Lighting Design: Dot Dash

Cabinetry Design: Derek Dickinson, LLC.

Kitchen: Henry Built

Photography: Kevin Kunstadt / @toomanyphotosintheworld


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