Promo Daily: Tom M Johnson

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By Julia Sabot
Today's Photographer Promotional Piece We Love and Why: Tom M Johnson

"My ultimate ambition is to create an image that reveals at least a hint of the subject’s spiritual make-up, guarded secrets, pathology, what it once was, or anything that will interrupt the viewer from the obvious" —Tom M Johnson

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Promo Daily: Tom M Johnson - Photo 1 of 2 -

A stunning portrait of Miranda July

Los Angeles-based photographer Tom M Johnson nailed it with his latest promo. He has an eye for beauty and it comes through in these images. The portraits he chose are stunning and full of emotion. It shows us that he has a way of making people feel comfortable thus allowing them to truly open up in front of the camera. You can feel that just by looking at these portraits. On the back side of the postcards, Tom chose to show images with simple compositions that compliment the portraits on the front side. These images feel quiet, and like the portraits, full of emotion. It makes you wonder what the story is behind both of the places he shows us. As a little added bonus, these promos bend so that they will stand up on our desk reminding us of Tom. Brilliant! 

Promo Daily: Tom M Johnson - Photo 2 of 2 -

The back side of Tom's standing promo's.