Products We Love: Misen Chef's Knife

Products We Love: Misen Chef's Knife

A Kickstarter cult brand promises users a lifetime of free sharpening.

Kitchen knives aren’t only as good as their last sharpen. Some blades are just better designed, and a good one can make all the difference, especially during the busy holiday season. Funded on Kickstarter, Misen’s signature knife has a sloped bolster for a tight grip and a 15-degree, Japanese steel blade for sharper slices.

And at $65, it’s a steal, especially when you consider the price tag includes a soon-to-launch lifetime, mail-in sharpening service. As any veteran chef can tell you, a sharp knife is a safe knife and most kitchen-related cuts are, counterintuitively, caused by blades with dull points. Think of the $65 like health insurance for your hands.

You can purchase Misen Chef's Knife here.

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