Product Spotlight: Norm 12
By Dwell and

In 1969, Simon Karkov designed the now best-selling Norm 69 lamp, composed of 69 parts. But it wasn’t until 2002 after an acquaintance put Karkov in touch with Normann Copenhagen, that the lamp was produced. Now, Karkov refines his original design with Norm 12, named like its precursor—after the year in which it was designed. Light is diffused through the flexible, leaf-like shapes meant to create a welcoming, calming ambiance (On a practical side, its flexibility means it can withstand assembly and the occasional tall and/or clumsy guest). Available at Normann Copenhagn for $140 (large) and $175 (extra large).

Norm 12 comes in two finishes, pure white and simple matt white, the extra large light is intended for hallways or larger rooms, while the small light is meant to be hung over a table or in a nook.

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