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According to recent research, innovation, design, authenticity and sustainability all play important roles in their brand choices purchasing patterns. Join Dwell for the latest research and hands-on tutorials from successful brands, leading thinkers, and marketing experts who will help you crack the code and reach this influential consumer segment.

This conference challenges the myths about what wealthy consumers want and shows brands how to break through.


Date: Friday, June 25

Conference: 1:00 pm — 5:30 pm

VIP Reception: 5:30 — 8:30 pm


Learn from leading brands who have capitalized on innovation, design, authenticity and sustainability to win and keep New Affluent customers.

Discover the real truth about social media and mobile apps as we demystify how to build engaging communities and connections through Twitter, Facebook, and iPhone / iPad apps.

Energize your brand with your most creative ideas yet by activating breakthrough techniques of guided brainstorming.

Understand the values and motivations that really matter to New Affluents and map your brand’s trajectory.


Speakers include:

#Affluents7">Michela O’Connor Abrams, President, Dwell Media

The New Face of Affluence Report:  Building a Reciprocal Brand Experience Do brands create customers or do customers create brands? Michela O’Connor Abrams will reveal results from the latest New Face of Affluence Report and offer insights into creating real connections with the influential community of New Affluents.

#Affluents1">Rose Marcario, Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer, Patagonia, Inc.

Patagonia's Mission: Why Sustainability = Profitability Patagonia’s mission is to build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, and use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis. But how do strong values drive a vital business in the competitive world of fashion and apparel? Rose Marcario explains how Patagonia has stayed ahead of the curve by pursuing the values of sustainability.

#Affluents6">Matthew Loyd, Vice President, Brand Experience, method

method laundry: Inspiring a Passionate Following in a Low Interest Space As a David in an aisle of Goliaths, method strategically leverage the tools that don’t come naturally to the big guys in laundry—innovation, design, authenticity, and sustainability, to be exact. Learn the power of “Smarter, Easier, Greener” for method laundry and how it will provide insights for innovation and disruption in your category.

#Affluents5">Chris Chamberlin, Managing Partner and Sustainability Practice Director, Paine PR

Authentic Sustainability: How Back to Basics Community Engagement Builds Trust, Grows Partnerships, and Creates Solutions Chris Chamberlin shows how top-tier companies and organizations like Starbucks, New Belgium Brewery, Nike, Virgin, and Google have created brand value through authentic engagement with customers. Learn from these brand leaders.

#Affluents3">Richard Whitehall, Vice President of Industrial Design, Smart Design

Ford SmartGauge: Innovation by Design New Affluents understand that as consumers they play a crucial part in dictating our future. When Smart Design re-envisioned an innovative instrument dashboard for Ford hybrid vehicles, the car company won awards and new customers. This experience has created a new dialogue between car and driver that encourages sustainable driving habits and builds a more transparent brand value for Ford. Is your company ready to profit from design? Get new ideas from Smart Design.

#Affluents2">Betsy Burroughs, President, FocusCatalyst

Guided Brainstorming for Innovators Reaching New Affluents requires new ways of thinking and new approaches to marketing. But it’s easy to get trapped in those old ways. Guided Brainstorming for Innovators techniques are based on the latest research on the Neuroscience of Insight. Experience one of them first-hand at the conference.


It's a Whole New World

The New Face of Affluence chronicles the rise of an influential class of wealthy Americans whose changing values are impacting the way we think about work, consumption and daily life. According to recent research, innovation, design, authenticity and sustainability all play important roles in their brand choices and purchasing patterns. Join us on June 25 for the latest research and  hands-on tutorials from successful brands, leading thinkers, and marketing experts who will help you crack the code and reach this influential consumer segment.

The Power of True Wealth

In pursuit of true prosperity, New Affluents challenge the myths about the values and motivations of wealthy Americans today. These nearly 9 million New Affluent Americans spend more than $303 billion on discretionary purchases each year.  From apparel and autos to home furnishings and travel, New Affluents are quantifiably more likely purchase high-end goods and services than the general affluent population. Redefining materialism in terms of quality, integrity and originality, these consumers are passionate about consuming and highly discerning about the brands they associate with.

All the while communication and connections are more powerful than ever. From social media to mobile apps the majority of New Affluents say technology is indispensible to the way they communicate. And this always on approach has lead to a shift in media consumption and purchasing. Armed with smart phones and money in their pockets, New Affluents are 1.7 times more likely to buy products via mobile devices than the average wealthy American.

Join Dwell Strategy + Research for a meaningful half-day program of insights, inspiration and practical knowledge designed to help you hone an integrated and effective New Affluent marketing strategy.

Then join our speakers and guests for an exclusive reception in the Dwell VIP lounge at the Dwell on Design opening party. Your ticket to the New Face of Affluence IDEAS Conference includes a complimentary Dwell Conference Plus Ticket that allows complete access to the Dwell on Design Exhibition and on site programming throughout the weekend.  



 New Face of Affluence Pass includes a Dwell on Design 2010 Conference Plus Ticket. Register Now!


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