Exterior, Prefab Building Type, Metal Siding Material, and House Building Type The couple desired a new home that would suit their eco-conscious lifestyle. On their must-have list was a location close to Seattle’s recreational-friendly Greenlake, a large roof deck, eco-friendly materials that reduced their carbon footprint, and surprisingly, no garage. “It is a modular home, so basically you're saving a lot of money on the [construction] time," says the team behind Greenfab, which served as general contractor for the project. "Your construction costs are also way lower.”  Photo 2 of 7 in 7 Prefab Companies That Oregon Dwellers Should Know from Energy-Efficient Prefab Responds to Seattle Climate

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Greenfab designs and sells prefab, modular homes with an emphasis on healthy, energy-efficient, pre-designed or custom homes. From their headquarters in Seattle, Washington, they design and build homes throughout the Pacific Northwest, each with eco-friendly materials like low-VOC paints and finishes, insulation and windows with high R-values, and cost-effective mechanical systems. Many of their homes can also easily incorporate solar panels, and also include an energy-monitoring system to allow owners to collect and measure energy and water use.