Portland's Mazama Mugs

Portland's Mazama Mugs

By Jonathan Simcoe
Portland-based Mazama creates handcrafted housings for your favorite beverages.

As winter sets in, and Christmas is drawing near, there's nothing like holding a warm beverage and huddling indoors, finding solace from the harsher elements.

According to their website Mazama is a group of creatives who value craftsmanship and the right tradition of ceramics. In their own words:

Some of us grew up with families who made their living creating with clay, and some of us studied sculpture in school and apprenticed under masters we can only hope to emulate – the common thread is that all of us have been influenced by ceramics and its tangible power.

Mazama mugs are crafted down to every detail.

Mazama's line of ceramic mugs are arguably their signature product. And it's no wonder why. The exquisite attention to detail and craftsmanship make these artifacts one-of-a-kind creations.

The Cloud Camp speckled ceramic mug.

Mazama mugs have a tapered, unglazed foot, creating a unique look and stackability.

I encourage you to dive into the story pieces behind Mazama and how they work. From the process, to the materials, to the unique group of artisans honing their craft at the organization, every detail seems obsessed over to the Nth°.

"We developed a special glaze technique to recreate the nostalgia of a vintage camp cup."

* * *

Mazama ⨉ Stumptown

I'll end with this little gem. Mazama did a neat little partnership with another Portland native: Stumptown Coffee. They created a unique version of their iconic Crater Lake mug, just for Stumptown.

Pour a winter cup, and enjoy!


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