Stoke Your Imagination With This Playhouse-Like Suite in Berlin

Stoke Your Imagination With This Playhouse-Like Suite in Berlin

A playful plywood addition brings the house-within-a-house concept to a family-run hotel in Berlin.
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If you're on the hunt for a quirky place to stay the next time you're in Berlin, the city's hip Michelberger Hotel has you covered. Housed in a converted 20th-century factory building, this family-fun hotel has long been a favorite of travelers and art enthusiasts for its design-led rooms and cozy, home-away-from-home atmosphere. 

While the entire 110-room hotel boasts character, it's Room 304 that people can't seem to get enough of. Designed by Danish architect Sigurd Larsen, this self-contained suite features a wooden playhouse-like volume, guaranteed to ignite guests' sense of exploration and imagination.

From design conception to final construction, the playhouse project took one year to complete.

As soon as you enter the Hideout suite, it becomes evident the room has been built on ideas of customization and comfort. Comprised of two sleeping areas, a sauna, kitchen, and bathroom, guests can rest assured knowing they will have all the needed amenities for a unique stay.

The architect, Sigurd Larsen, aligned the openings in the walls to maximize natural light in the room. The folding doors, hatches, and windows of varying shapes and sizes encourage play.

"With this room you get a whole house," says Larsen. "Pure and calm from the outside, the many doors and windows reveal a warm wooden interior."

This playhouse-like area is extremely customizable. Guests can personalize their stay by selecting which of the compartments they choose to use, leave open, or close.

The 540-square-foot structure is cladded with a crisp, whitewashed exterior that contrasts beautifully with the timber interior. Thanks to the clean lines and minimalist design, the suite has a sophisticated aesthetic. 

There is also a staircase that leads to a second bedroom and hammock/sitting area. The slight changes in elevation help to create added visual interest within the suite.

To round out the house-like appearance, Larsen refers to the space around the wooden volume as the "outside garden," which is complete with a rain shower and step-down tub. 

When the doors are closed, they appear flushed against the white facade.

Short and long-term bookings for this playful suite are available here.

A look at the top-down view of the room.

Here are the full floor plans of Room 304.

 Project Credits:

Architect of Record: Sigurd Larsen Design & Architecture

Builder/General Contractor: Kathrein Tischlerei

Lighting/Interior Design: Sigurd Larsen Design & Architecture


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