Please Mr. Postman – Letterpress Holiday Cards

Please Mr. Postman – Letterpress Holiday Cards

By Jordan Kushins
Holiday cards and I have a very strong, very long-standing love/wait relationship. I love writing and sending (and receiving!) them, but always wait to find the perfect design until all of a sudden the ball has dropped, it’s January, and I vow, yet again, to beat my correspondence-based cold feet next year.

If you too are planning on penning a few heartfelt hellos and good wishes to your favorite folks but haven’t found your missive muse, it’s not too late! Here’s some lovely letterpress stationery options that will warm the cockles of any heart.

Gang of Gnomes Christmas from Egg Press

Peppermint No. 154 from Pancake & Franks

Angels for Peace from Linda & Harriett

Letterpress Holiday Notecards from Ink + Wit

First image: Snow Angel from Campbell Raw Press

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