Piegato Shelves

Piegato Shelves

Folding furniture is often accused of being the worst of all resting places, associated as it is with the discomfort of cold lecture halls and strange relatives' holiday brunches. But just because it folds doesn't mean it has to be a harbinger of suffering. Fold-up design means less waste and cost, a result of being able to be packed and shipped flat and assembled on arrival. This week at DMY Berlin, the debut of a new flat-pack design from German designer Matthias Ries is a case in point. After the success of Ries' laser-cut flat-pack steel Piegato bookshelf for MRDO products, he is now presenting the Piegato One, as well as the Piegato mirror and board shelves.

Piegato bookshelf by Matthias Ries for MRDO products

Piegato One shelf by Matthias Ries for MRDO products

Piegato board by Matthias Ries for MRDO products

Piegato mirror by Matthias Ries for MRDO products

The original Piegato shelf, released in 2007, arrives by mail as a 39-inch-by-26-inch sheet of laser-cut powder-coated steel. Following simple instructions, you can fold the sheet into a three-shelf bookcase in a matter of minutes then attach it to a wall with just a few screws. (Click here for a video of the shelf being assembled.)

The new Piegato One is a single shelf based on the same folding design of the original Piegato. Unlike the limited (and serious) white and black options for the three-shelf version, the Piegato One will come in four colors—blue, green, orange, and yellow—and be great for a small shelf above a desk or in the kitchen.

Ries has also created two additional single-shelf designs based on the Piegato bookshelf: the Piegato mirror and the Piegato board. The former features a single shelf topped by a mirror (think bathroom or bedroom vanity) and the latter is a shelf topped by a chalkboard (perfect for next to the front door). The three new shelves are scheduled to be on the market this fall. For more, visit matthiasries.com and mrdoproducts.com.
 Photos courtesy of the Matthias Ries Design Office

Piegato One shelves by Matthias Ries for MRDO products


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