Silvered Screen

Stunning bamboo covers the house on all four sides, its lattice making up a striking set of adjustable screens that allow the residents to modify the facade to suit the weather. Karanesheva and Witzmann tested a host of materials, but bamboo had the aesthetic and green cred they were after.  Photo 4 of 8 in Passive Progressive
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Triple Plays

One key to the home’s efficiency is a tight building envelope that keeps the heat inside. Triple-paned windows by Optiwin (check out the three reflections of the flame below) and well-sealed frames do the trick.  Photo 6 of 8 in Passive Progressive
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All told, they hung some 28,000 linear feet of the material with the larger sections composed of around 250 stalks. Each pole is threaded with 

galvanized steel wire and separated from the next by a small aluminum spacer. A highly renewable resource, the untreated bamboo has aged over 

time; what started as yellow-green has turned into a muted gray just a year after completion.  Photo 5 of 8 in Passive Progressive
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