Full Battery Life Now Possible in the Great Outdoors

Full Battery Life Now Possible in the Great Outdoors

An outlet is never far from reach with these outdoor charging stations.
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It's become a common scene: a mass of people hovering around one of few available outlets in an airport or train station. The demand for outlets is ever increasing, and Legrand and Landscape Forms have teamed up to bring connectivity to a zone that particularly lacks it: the outdoors.

Landscape Forms and Legrand collaborated on three new outdoor charging stations called Outdoor Power.

The two brands have released a line of charging stations called Outdoor Power. While technically suitable for indoor use, the all-weather stations are envisioned for exposed environments, whether private backyards or public landscapes. Legrand and Landscape Forms believe the product is ideal for commercial applications and would support the creation and proliferation of outdoor workspaces.

They contain both standard and USB outlets, allowing users to charge laptops as well as small-scale devices.

The units contain both USB and GFCI outlets, so iPhones and laptops are both fair game. Three add-ons are available for actually storing small devices as they charge: a transparent door, opaque door with locks, and side-mounted shelves can be installed.

The stations are ideal for outdoor office environments as well as public landscapes.

Two of the station models feature an LED strip that helps illuminate outdoor spaces at night. Made of powder-coated aluminum, they are built to withstand rain, snow, and wind, among other conditions.

Various options, such as shelves and lock boxes, provide a way for users to store their phones while they charge.

Due to UL requirements, the door covering the outlets must stay closed, but cords can pass through the bottom of the door when it's in the closed position.

The product is made of aluminum and designed to withstand the elements.

The product is available in three shades—black, bronze, and silver—and three heights. One model includes an LED accent light and one has a larger area light.


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