October Surprise: New Story Layout and Features

October Surprise: New Story Layout and Features

By Stephen Blake
With our latest platform release, we've improved the story pages to highlight our publishers and contributors in a much more powerful and engaging way.

We want to make sure publishers get the recognition they deserve on each and every one of their stories, and to highlight all the credits and contributors individually. So, we have made some changes to the story page layouts with this latest platform release. I'll walk you through the changes below and help guide our publishers and story creators on how to ensure their stories are properly credited. (Cover Photo: AFP)

Highlighting of Publishers

At the top of the story sits the publisher's branding, reinforcing who this story is from (note how the Dwell logo actually gets smaller and turns a lighter shade as well, so the two logos don't compete). Take note, when crafting your story, this publisher credit is a separate data point from the author credit, although they can be one and the same. For bloggers who don't have a brand to credit as a publisher, but want their own avatar at the top of the page, simply credit yourself as the publisher of your story, and your icon will be placed at the top as well. 

Now publishers are highlighted at the top, making it more clear that these stories come from them and not Dwell. 

For those publishers who have not been crediting themselves as the publisher of their stories in the past, and only as the writer, and now no longer see their icon at the top of their story, you may want to go back in and make that distinction so your avatar shows up at the top. Don't worry if both the publisher and the writer are the same; the page will make sure it is not duplicated.

With the story tool, you can define separately the writers, publisher, and sponsor for each article.

Publish Dates

By popular demand, each story now shows the original publish date—a small but important improvement.

Cover Image

You'll also notice that the story headline no longer overlays on top of the story cover image. We made the change for a few reasons—most importantly, legibility. Not all images work well with text overlaid on top. We will offer a variation of that cover-look in the future, but in the meantime, we wanted to ensure we were starting from a clean and legible baseline for all stories. In an upcoming release, you'll be able to add a credit and caption to the cover image, among other tweaks.

Profile Love

Not all the fun is taking place at the top of the story; at the bottom you'll now see a section that highlights each story credit profile. This section allows the reader to get a little more information on who wrote the story, the publisher, or whoever else is credited in the story. It also makes it easy for them to follow the profiles, ensuring they will get any future stories in their personalized feed. 

Profiles of all credits are featured at the end of each story, making it easer for the reader to learn more about the author or publisher and to easily follow their profiles.

If your profile is lacking a description, you might want to consider adding one, since that description will show up at the bottom of your stories, and it quickly gives the reader a better understanding of who you or your brand is.

One Last Thing

You may have noticed that we have been creating product pages and tagging hundreds of Dwell photos with those products to provide a valuable service to the community and brands. Now story creators can quickly add these products to their stories as well.  Just click on the plus icon like you would to add a photo, then choose "Search Products" to access and add one or more items from the growing catalog of products to your story.

When inserting a product in your story, you can choose to display the image above the description or as a thumbnail floating to the right. Just toggle the layout option of the product object in the story editor.

What Do You Think?

Please let us know what you think or what you would like to see next, either privately via email, or publicly in the comments section of this story.  For bugs, please send them to feedback@dwell.com . Thanks!


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