Light Hardwood Floor and Pendant Lighting Stone Roses

“We wanted to make the interior seamless with 

the outdoors, and this is the first place we blur the line,” Katie says of the “stone garden” that flows from within the entry to the deck beyond it. “My 85-year-old father picked up the rocks at the beach, a bag or two at a time, over weeks and weeks,” says Scott.  Photo 4 of 5 in New McDonald
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Kitchen, Ceiling Lighting, Pendant Lighting, Recessed Lighting, Metal Counter, Wood Cabinet, and Light Hardwood Floor Grade A Maple

“For us, the dinner table is huge,” says Katie. The pair met furniture designer Seth Eshelman—whose Rochester-based company Staach produces what she called “environmentally conscientious furniture”—at a teatasting event, and they felt he shared their “vision and values.” Eshelman’s Cain dining set is made from maple.

Now Yukimi

“The meditation room is where we get our Japanese ya-yas out,” says Scott. “I wanted yukimi, which means ‘snow-viewing,’ shoji screens because they open from the bottom as well as side to side. Glen Collins, a guy in Oakland, California, is the one American I could find whose company makes them.”  Photo 5 of 5 in New McDonald
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