New From Petit Collage

New From Petit Collage

By Jaime Gillin
Based in San Francisco, Petit Collage is "an incubator of new ideas, art and illustration for everything modern and children related," says designer and children's book illustrator Lorena Siminovich, who founded the company five years ago. Siminovich's home decor and accessories for contemporary families can be found in boutiques, museum stores and catalogs worldwide—as well as in the pages of the upcoming November issue of Dwell, where we'll feature her cozy and stylish 1,500-square-foot house. Stay tuned! In the meantime, here's a sneak preview of a few sweet items from her Fall 2011 catalog, along with Siminovich's explanation of the inspiration behind each new design.

"We've spotted our prints on wood in all sorts of places. People put our San Francisco print in the kitchen, living room and of course their child's room."

San Francisco print on maple veneer, $15.

"When I started Petit Collage I knew modern kid's decor was missing from the market. What has been exciting to learn is that people definitely have a playful side and find that good design bridges the gap of what can be featured in a nursery versus another room in the home."

Red Flower, a new print.

"Laser-cut bamboo may seem an unlikely choice for a mobile but the grain in the bamboo adds so much texture, making them seem both delicate and sophisticated."

Deluxe Red Elephant Mobile, $66.

"I love using sustainable materials that are unexpected, not to mention chemical-free. Taking this beloved product a step further, we've added colored wool felt details for an added surprise."

Deluxe Bird Blue Mobile, $66.

This October, Siminovich will introduce a new line of "modern dolls." As she explains, "Having my own child had me thinking about family and objects that become dear to the family story. I love sharing things and their stories from my own childhood with my daughter. I see these new dolls becoming family heirlooms—starting with my own family!"

In October, Petit Collage will launch these cute new "modern dolls."

Asked what ties her various designs together, Siminovich says: "Our goods easily mix-and-match, encouraging well-curated collections. I love colors, vintage paper patterns, and wood. I find inspiration in the big and the small whether it's a recent trip or looking at a book with my daughter. Kids find magic in the simplest of things and I think that is what great design is: eliminating the clutter so that the magic is easily found."

Blue Flower, a new print.


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