While the front, kitchen-end of the camper is all action, the back half is about rest and relaxation. The benches hide storage space beneath and, at night, become the sleeping area (14). The multiheight table (15) serves as an eating spot when in its highest position and as extra sleeping space when lowered and covered with a cushion. The table and its post can also be completly removed for additional legroom. The mesh-lined windows in the tent enclosure (11) bring in light and encourage ventilation. The LED reading lights (13) can be set to white or red (the latter keeps your eyes from dilating so you can run outside at a moment's notice and catch a glimpse of a shooting star without waiting for your eyes to adjust). The laser-cut aluminum frame (12) features circular openings that make hanging sleeping bags, pillows, blankets, and luggage as easy as stretching and hooking elastic cords into place.  Photo 3 of 15 in Modern NASA-Inspired Cricket Trailer