Exterior, Metal Roof Material, Wood Siding Material, Flat RoofLine, Glass Siding Material, and Prefab Building Type Starting from $65,000, the k6 model includes various add-on options, including a full kitchen and bath.  Photo 7 of 22 in Modern Modular Homes for Sale From $10K to $200K from Photo of the Week: Tiny Prefab on the Banks of the Oregon River

Modern Modular Homes for Sale From $10K to $200K7/22

The handsome K6 Series, one of KitHaus’ largest models, offers modular homes under $100K. These can be customized to include an Ipe deck and hardwood siding, as well as corrugated roofing. All KitHaus frames are lightweight but durable, made with M.H.S.** structural anodized aluminum framing.