Modern Mistletoe by Kiel Mead

Modern Mistletoe by Kiel Mead

By Jaime Gillin
Along with his studio, Kiel Mead, a Brooklyn-based designer and the founder of the American Design Club, has created what he's calling "the best ornament of the holiday season—the only ornament that can guarantee you a kiss!" Like his many of his jewelry pieces, the ornament is cast in bronze from a real-life object—in this case, a specimen of a live mistletoe and a few choice leaves. "We do our best to hide the artist's hand and let the final form be as unadulterated as possible," says Mead. Here's a glimpse at the design process and the final product.

It starts with a stick of mistletoe, stripped clean of its leaves.

And a pile of mistletoe leaves.

An initial mold is made of clay. This will be used to create a wax cast, which will then be used to create another mold, which will then be used to create a bronze cast—a replica of the original live specimen.

After the branch is cast in bronze, it's plated in either gold, silver, or brass.

Then the individual leaves are cast.

The leaves are then individually attached to the branch...

...To create the final product: a full-scale mistletoe replica, ready to hang over your doorway or from a tree.

Visit to purchase one of the designs.


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