Ever Wanted to Stay in a Cave That’s Actually Pretty Modern Inside?

Ever Wanted to Stay in a Cave That’s Actually Pretty Modern Inside?

By Michele Koh Morollo
Homes built under the earth or into the sides of mountains have been a part of our culture since the prehistoric days. Take a step back in time by checking into one of these cave hotels or hideaways—all of which are surprisingly modern inside.

In destinations like Cappadocia in Turkey, Santorini in Greece, Matera in Italy, and parts of France and Spain, cave hotels and vacation homes offer an interesting experience that literally connects you with the land.

Cave House in a Traditional Santorini Village

Located in the small village of Katerados, Il Melograno is a spacious two-bedroom yposkafo—a traditional Santorini-style cave house—with white-washed walls and a private sunlit courtyard.

Designed by Spanish architectural practice UMM Estudio, House Villarrubia sits on the foothills of Sierra Morena in a sloping calcarenite terrain. The only cave house in Cordoba, its interiors comprise of clean, quiet volumes, glass apertures, and handcrafted wooden furniture. It's available for rent through Airbnb.          

Set within the cave dwellings of the ancient Italian city of Sassi de Matera, Italy, Sant'Angelo Luxury Resort combines the curving outlines and texture of natural stone with soft, modern touches.

Located in converted caves in the Nazelles-Négron commune in France's Loire Valley, Amboise Troglodyte is a cozy, modern B&B that has a tiled nook bath area.

After relocating from Milan to the small Baroque town of Modica in Sicily, architect couple Marco Giunta and Viviana Haddad purchased and restored an old house they found with locally sourced stones, tiles, and plaster. They now operate it as Casa Talia, a boutique hotel where guests can experience life at a more leisurely pace.

The House Hotel Cappadocia in the Turkish town of Ortahisar, Cappadocia, still retains original features like frescoes and crown moldings, while introducing modern amenities like sleek, freestanding baths and a luxury Haman spa.

Carved into the majestic Caldera cliffs of Santorini's most famous village, Oia, this yposkafo was renovated in 2016 and comes with an indoor and outdoor jacuzzi and an inviting interior finished with soft grays and pale blues.

Kapari Natural Resort in the 300-year-old village of Imerovigli on Santorini is pure bliss for those who like their interiors in white and earthy neutrals. The unique style of Cycladic architecture comes through beautifully in the organic lines of the smooth-edged walls, floors, and ceilings.

Each of the three suites of Asmali Cave House in Cappadocia come with a living room, kitchen, spacious bedrooms, and unusual bathroom.

Located in the UNESCO World Heritage cave village of Sassi de Matera in Southern Italy, the rooms at Sextantio Le Grotto Della Civita are furnished with rustic pieces so that the textures and medieval vibes of the cave shines through.


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