Bedroom, Night Stands, Ceiling Lighting, Bed, and Ceramic Tile Floor Designed in an architectural style that was popular in the Miami Beach area in the 1950s, the hotel—with its rattan chairs and soothing aquamarine palette—is a pared-down, retro-inspired jungle oasis.

All the floor tiles were designed by Haag who had them custom-made in Guadalajara with Mooma Mosaicos. The walls in the guest rooms were made with local sand mixed with white cement. A type of local limestone, known as Mayan stone, was used for the feature wall at the back of the bar. A water bio-digester treatment plant was incorporated so that water can be treated on-site and used for watering the lush gardens surrounding the property.  Photo 5 of 9 in A New Modern Hotel Brings Midcentury Miami to Tulum, Mexico