The Iconic, Midcentury Home That Peter Womersley Designed For Bernat Klein Asks $1.02M

The Iconic, Midcentury Home That Peter Womersley Designed For Bernat Klein Asks $1.02M

Designed by the late-British architect Peter Womersley in 1957 for the celebrated textile designer Bernat Klein, the single-story Klein House sits on an idyllic plot south of Edinburgh, Scotland.
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Still largely in its original condition and identified with the highest-grade listing by the Historic Environment Scotland, the house is currently available for 795,000 pounds, or around $1.02 million, through The Modern House. Similar to the Case Study houses in California, this home is a residential icon that opened the envelope of modern home design and has stood the test of time. 

Appearing as a simple rectangular volume atop a grassy lawn and surrounded by woodlands, the geometric, modular building is simple in structural form and organization. Arranged on a simple eight-foot grid, it's subdivided into eight modules, which form interior and exterior spaces within one continuous mass—seamlessly blending courtyards and a carport into its structure. The timber building lies on a concrete base that's wrapped with a white band, which is repeated again at the top. Full-height glazing, color block panels, and mosaic accents complete the exterior. 

A broad mixture of rich materials fills the interior, where the awe-inspiring living area draws the focus. The sunken central seating area contains travertine floors, original bespoke furnishings and storage, exotic obeche wood ceiling panels, floor-to-ceiling windows, and paneled walls made up of idigbo, rosewood, and walnut. Study, library, and dining areas surround the space, which are divided by changes in elevation and plantings. 

Off the main living area is a master bedroom suite, two additional bedrooms, a family room, and the original kitchen—all of which are complete with large glazing, wood paneling, and built-in storage. Unique to these spaces are the fabrics and textiles that were specially designed by Klein.

At one end of the plan lies the studio wing, a grand, open, and mostly glass addition that Klein completed in 1982. Although not designed by Womersley, it was approved by him and planned out in the modular concept of the original design. Framed by glass on two sides, the boundless views provide the perfect retreat for creative inspiration.

 On the outside, open land and views to the valley surround the iconic, modern, geometric abode.


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