Graham Hill Has Three Tips for Downsizing and Not Downgrading to a Tiny Home

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By Luke Hopping
See a TED Talk by the and LifeEdited founder, whose 350-square-foot Manhattan apartment is on the cover of our upcoming issue devoted to small spaces.

Entrepreneur Graham Hill’s various business ventures, from the design consultancy LifeEdited to the eco-blog, are unified by his core conviction that less really is more. Not just more in terms of savings on furniture and utilities, but also greater satisfaction and mental well-being. 

For his own home, Hill hosted a design contest to crowdsource the best ideas in space efficiency. In his TED Talk "Less stuff, more happiness," he boiled what he learned down into three essential points for people who want to eliminate clutter and reduce their home’s footprint, without sacrificing functionality: edit ruthlessly, think small, and make things multifunctional. Hill expands on how the often abstract philosophy of micro-dwelling can be made actionable in the video below. 

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