Melissa and Keith Bishop, Loft B

By Georgina Gustin / Published by Dwell
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“We went from 3,000 square feet to 720,” says Melissa Bishop, sitting on her leather couch. “Crazy, huh?”

That’s what their friends in Hutchinson, Kansas, thought, too, when the Bishops decamped from their McMansion (Melissa’s expression), sold most of their possessions on Craigslist, and, shockingly for steak country, became vegetarians. "I think they thought we were having a mid-life crisis."

But really, they just wanted to simplify, ride their bikes everywhere, and start anew. "We downsized our lives," Melissa says. "We streamlined."

Childhood sweethearts—"We used to touch feet under our desks in grade school," Keith remembers—they’ve found that living in a smaller space has added a new dimension to their relationship. "In our house there were rooms we didn’t use. We didn’t even open the doors," Keith says. "We’ve gone from never seeing each other to seeing each other all the time."

Loft B tenants Melissa and Keith Bishop downsized from a 3,000 square foot space to a cozy 720 square foot loft. "We downsized our lives," Melissa says. "We streamlined."


Georgina Gustin


As a reporter for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Georgina Gustin writes about food-related issues, among other topics. Her travels for "Plains Gold" took her to Kansas city, at the western edge of Missouri. She was informed there that Kansas City is often considered the country's easternmost Western city, while St. Louis is considered the westernmost Eastern city. She is not sure if this is apt. What she does know, however, is that K.C. has some dang good barbecue.

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