Wanders’s home is a combination of past (the pink wall design was painted for his daughter several years ago) and future (the ceiling and some walls were just removed to take the space into a new direction). The dog photo is by Boudewijn Smit; the black-and-white photo in the center is Sagami Bay by Hiroshi Sugimoto; and the print above the desk is by Ingrid Baars and Nanine Linning. The ornate mosaic coffee table Wanders designed for Bisazza is next to a minimalist sofa by Martin Visser. The red lamp is the smallest of Wanders’s Big Shadow series, designed in 1998 for Cappellini; above the desk is a lamp from Belgium’s Modular, and the office chair is from Vitra. The baroque mirror is a prototype of a design by Wanders.  Photo 7 of 11 in Marcel Wanders
This Knotted chair (1996) is a 1:6 model version, produced by Vitra, and is only a few inches high. Its larger relatives—produced by Cappellini—have already found their way into a number of museum collections.  Photo 9 of 11 in Marcel Wanders
A luminous Big Shadow in white casts an ambient glow against a wall coated with blackboard paint and a chocolate brown carpet. The origin of the plaster deer figure has been forgotten. It was acquired as a possible inspiration source and has moved around the designer’s studio and home ever since.  Photo 8 of 11 in Marcel Wanders
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