Alvar Aalto Maison Louis Carré  Call to the Wild (L’Appel de la Nature) Laura Laine,  Kustaa Saksi,  Kim Simonsson

Alvar Aalto’s Celebrated Maison Louis Carré Reopens to the Public3 of 19

The interiors of the home feature light wood-paneled ceilings, large picture windows, and exclusive custom furniture and lighting also designed by Aalto. The artwork on view in the living room includes large, woven pieces by Kustaa Saksi, "Aura", First Symptoms Collection, and "Battle Of Harapouri" Woolgathering Collection. As well as glass sculptures by Laura Laine, "Neon Sucker", 2014, The Wet Collection. Both artists are represented by Spazio Nobile Gallery. Kim Simonsson's "Voodoo Moss Boy" is represented by Galerie NeC Nilsson et Chiglien, Paris.