Magma Books Bring Creative Thinking to Life

Magma Books Bring Creative Thinking to Life

Look inside some brilliant sketchbooks from Magma that carve out a creative niche for themselves.
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I first came across Magma's series of sketchbooks through Hand-Eye Supply, a little design-centric gear shop near where I work in downtown Portland, Oregon.

The folks at Laurence King, who work in conjunction with Magma to publish these little sketchbooks, were kind enough to send me a couple books at my request to test out and review.

* * *

The Idea Generation book has some guided ways to start thinking creatively, followed by pages and pages of empty space to fill up.

What I like most about the Magma books are their focused perspective. They are very opionated, and that is a good thing. The Idea Generation book is very much geared toward slowing down, and approaching a creative problem with different thoughtful exercises. It really worked!

As I approached some new mobile UI paradigms I was faced with, I found that the Idea Generation book not only helped me slow my thinking down but it took me down a path I wouldn't have arrived on by my own.

This created value I wouldn't have expected and was a welcome way to approach a new project with fresh perspective.

The back of each book if filled with useful, not-easy-to-find information related to the book's given subject.

I chose the Architecture book because of the gridded pages (both squared and isometric) as well as the blank pages.

Along for the ride came rulers, and a guide to architectural history and notable features that relate to building design. I am fascinated with buildings and physical architecture, it is one of the reasons I enjoy Dwell so much.

That being said, each Magma book has a wealth of insider information pertaining to the given subject matter.

These helpful bits further cement the Magma books at carving out a very unique and indispensable niche to respond to any creative need.

Magma's thick, creamy paper creates a satisfyingly rich writing surface.

* * *

Whatever your creative pursuit, I would highly recommend you check out Magma books and give them a go for yourself. You might find yourself somewhere you didn't expect, but that is how great ideas come to life.



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