Line Depping
By Lindsay J. Westley / Published by Dwell
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The sunny Tool Box by Line Depping melds beauty and utility.

The sunny Tool Box by Line Depping melds beauty and utility.

The seeds for such explorations were planted earlier. Surrounded by creative disarray in 2007, her final year at the Danish Design School, Depping explored chaos control for her thesis project, the Borrod table, which took first prize at the Premio Vico Magistretti international design competition. The concept is simple: The table pulls apart in the center, revealing a Kvadrat-fabric insert below. With a sweep of an arm, you can deposit extraneous junk into the panel, instantly creating a tidy work surface above. While this “out of sight, out of mind” tactic doesn’t solve larger issues of clutter management, the cheery yellow fabric and clean ash-wood design leave us asking, “Who cares?”

Lindsay J. Westley


From her home in Burlington, Vermont, Lindsay Westley writes arts, design, and travel articles for Art New England, Seven Days, and Kids Vermont.

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