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By Miyoko Ohtake
In small spaces, furniture that can multi-task is key, and in the current economy, it’s also a much-needed budget saver. Which is why I love Studio Smeets Design’s product Lili Lite: It’s a bookshelf, reading light, and placeholder all in one.

Designed by Thijs Smeets, a young industrial designer in the Netherlands, the zigzag-shaped shelf uses a pressure sensor to turn the light on or off. Pick your book off the upside-down-v section of the shelf and voila!, the light turns on. When you’re finished for the night, replace the book and off it goes.

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If you’re like me and tend to juggle multiple books at once, the manual switch will come in handy for turning the light on and off while leaving your other read—and the spot where you left off—in place. If the point wasn’t that the Lili Lite is such a great space saver, I’d get three.

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Lili Lite - Photo 3 of 3 -

Photos courtesy of Studio Smeets Design