Lazy ways to update your IKEA furniture with Bemz according to our peers
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Lazy ways to update your IKEA furniture with Bemz according to our peers

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By Bemz Design
Love it or hate it, you’ll be hard pressed to find a home without an inch of IKEA. Having been hard-core IKEA fans since, like, forever we’re proud standard-bearers of the first camp.

However, the notion that an interior is the natural projection of the soul kinda stuck with us. Enter the idea of personalisation. Bemz offers hundreds of customised covers for IKEA furniture so that you can let your fabulous inner shine through, without breaking the bank. 

Luckily our friends over at MyDomaine, Brit + Co, Design Milk and Refinery 29 (to name a few - we’re popular, guys) happen to agree with us. To prove our point we’ve collected some reviews on how to elevate your IKEA furniture with Bemz slipcovers.Here are some of our favourites...

From a Design Perspective:  If we’ve said it once we've said it a thousand times: we love our IKEA furniture. But for the design-savvy individual hoping to differentiate themselves from the crowd that classic white Ektorp or chic Karlstad sofa just isn't as aesthetically pleasing after having seen it at your friends', colleagues' and aunt's house. According to MyDomaine a little pizazz is definitely required. 

From a Renter’s Perspective: According to Brit + Co, IKEA is not only the renter's best friend, the DIYer’s dream, but also an excellent first home fixture. Having said that sometimes it also gets a bit ubiquitous. Fortunately you don't have to get rid of that oh-so-comfortable cookie cutter sofa though. With a Bemz cover for your IKEA furniture, all of your sofa-dreams can come true without the hefty designer price tag.

The Non-Hackers Hack:Whether you want to admit it or not, IKEA is a great way to incorporate modern design into your space without breaking the bank. Although functional and practical, however it may seem a little boring after awhile. Give your IKEA furniture a much-needed facelift with Design Milk-approved one-of-a-kind custom made Bemz slipcovers. The range is extensive from simple cotton to luxurious velveteen Chenille and oh-so-trendy Belgian Linen. Personalisation is our jam, as is our dedication to natural fabrics that are machine-washable and kind to Mother Earth. 

How to Make Your IKEA Sofa Look More Expensive:Take Refinery29’s advice - grab an IKEA sofa off Gumtree. With a new sofa cover from Bemz chances are you’ll never get caught out as the penny-pincher you truly are. Choosing a quality fabric and modern pattern will elevate the piece and make it look much more expensive than it actually is. Upcycle, recycle that’s what it’s all about.

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