Lavaflow Exhibit at Mollusk Surf Shop

And if you’re in San Francisco this weekend, the opening reception of Lavaflow: The Hawaiian Houses of Craig Steely and the Artwork of Cathy Liu at Mollusk Surf Shop will provide just the escape you need.

The shop will be exhibiting images of San Francisco-based architect Craig Steely’s five Lavaflow homes (the fourth of which is featured in the current issue of Dwell; the second we wrote about in the July/August 2005 issue) and the amoebic-shaped paintings (below) of his wife, Cathy Liu.

The event, which coincides with the release of our November 2008 issue, will take place Saturday, October 18, 7-10 pm, and feature live music by Hatchback and Sorcerer. For more information, visit

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